My work turns out the best when I’m given the space to interpret an idea in my own way and allow the imagery to develop organically. Attempts to fulfill other peoples’ concepts verbatim in the past have had mediocre results. The best projects are always collaborative, naturally; my most successful work, however, is usually the result of chance or accidental events during the process.

My collage process is meticulous and time-intensive. Even the simplest pieces have a half a dozen hours in them; something more complicated might take a month or two. Sometimes I think people are surprised by how old fashioned this method really is. It’s digital, yes, but only in the sense that I can skip the scissors and glue. It’s pretty much analog in every other sense, and there’s no rendering software involved. Likewise, there’s no stock photography. My rates reflect the time it takes to source the component images and then piece them all together. 

My specialty is the kind of work you see on this website. I will happily craft type (aka design fonts) to go with an album, and even do the layout, should your project require it. 

Please contact me at the email below to commission work or inquire about a project.

Thank you.