Album Cover Art - Selected Discography

      Wes Anderson “One of One” (Wes Anderson Music, 2018)

      Anywhere “II” (ORG Music, 2018)

      Ryan Porter “Spangle-Lang Lane” (World Galaxy, 2017)

      Zu “Cortar Todo” (Ipecac, 2015)

      And So I Watch You From Afar “Heirs” (Sargent House, 2015)

      Amorphous Androgynous “A Monstrous Psychedelic…: Wizards Of Oz” (Warner Bros. Australia, 2015)

      Adebisi Shank “This is the Third Album by…” (Sargent House, 2014)

      311 “STER30L1TH1C” (311, 2014)

      Tyred Eyes “Elevator” (Gaphals, 2014)

      RX Bandits “Gemini, Her Majesty” (MDB/iNgrooves, 2014)

      Vortice “Host” (Alone, 2014)

      Jacco Gardner “Cabinet of Curiosities” (Trouble in Mind/Excelsior, 2013)

      Bosnian Rainbows “Bosnian Rainbows” (Sargent House, 2013)

      Nobody "Vivid Green" (Alpha Pup, 2013)

      The Mars Volta “Noctourniquet” (Warner Bros., 2012)

      The Drowning Men “All of the Unknown” (Borstal Beat, 2012)

      Omar Rodriguez Lopez “Octopus Kool-Aid” (Rodriguez Lopez Productions, 2012)

      The Locust “Molecular Genetics from the Gold Standard Labs” (Anti-, 2012)

      Anywhere “Anywhere” (All Tomorrow’s Parties, 2012)

      311 “Universal Pulse” (311/ATO, 2011)

      The Glitch Mob “We Can Make the World Stop” (self-released, 2011)

      I Set My Friends On Fire “Astral Rejection” (Epitaph, 2011)

      The Glitch Mob “Drink the Sea” (Glassair, 2010)

      Omar Rodriguez Lopez “Tychozorente” (Rodriguez Lopez Productions, 2010)

      Omar Rodriguez Lopez “Mantra Hiroshima” (Rodriguez Lopez Productions, 2010)

      RX Bandits “Mandala” (Sargent House, 2009)

      Omar Rodriguez Lopez “Solar Gambling” (Rodriguez Lopez Productions, 2009)

      Omar Rodriguez Lopez “Xenophanes” (Rodriguez Lopez Productions, 2009)

      Omar Rodriguez Lopez “Old Money” (Stones Throw, 2009)

      Red Sparowes “Aphorisms” (Sargent House, 2009)

      Omar Rodriguez Lopez Quintet “The Apocalypse Inside Of An Orange” (Infrasonic, 2007)

      The Mars Volta “Scabdates” (Universal, 2005)

      Subtitle “Young Dangerous Heart” (Gold Standard Laboratories, 2005)

      The Mars Volta “Tremulant” (Gold Standard Laboratories, 2002)

      Gogogo Airheart “EXITHEUXA” (Gold Standard Laboratories, 2002)

      The Locust “The Locust” (Gold Standard Laboratories, 1998)

      The VSS “Nervous Circuits” (Honey Bear, 1997)

      The VSS "21:51" (Gold Standard Laboratories, 1996)

      Angel Hair “Insect Mortality” (Gravity, 1995)



      Headspaces (solo show) - Render Creative, Hot Springs, 2017

      Headspaces (pop-up solo show) - 1234Go! Records, Oakland, 2017

      Records & Transcripts (with Damon Locks) – I Paint My Mind Gallery, Chicago, 2014

      Twin Infinities (group show) – Nomad Gallery, Los Angeles, 2011

      Volume (with Tim Kerr and Otis Bartholomew) – Univ Gallery, Encinitas, 2011

      Parallel Universes (with Jeff Jordan) – Hold Up Art, Los Angeles, 2010

      Assorted Images (solo show) – Division 9 Gallery, Riverside, 2010

      Sonny Kay at Suburban Home (solo show) - Suburban Home, Los Angeles, 2010

      Tamper Proof (solo show) – POV Evolving, Los Angeles, 2010

      These Friends (group show) – THIS Gallery, Los Angeles, 2010

      Colliding On Purpose (solo show) – Han Cholo Gallery, Los Angeles, 2009


Paystub Paleontology

      Executive Director, Low Key Arts; 2017-present

      Headmaster; Headspaces; 2007-present

      Art Director; Rodriguez Lopez Productions; 2007-2014

      Creative Director; Sargent House; 2009-2012

      Founder/CEO; Bottlenekk Distribution; 1996-2001

      Founder/CEO; Gold Standard Laboratories; 1993-2007



      Planet B vocals on the track “Disease Control” (Planet B, Ipecac/Three One G, 2018)

MSTRKRFT vocals on the track "Priceless" (Operator; Last Gang, 2016)

      Optional Body vocals "In Elastic"/"Surviving Avalanches" (single, 25 Diamonds, 2013)

      Year Future vocals; First World Fever (Gold Standard Laboratories, 2006)

      Year Future vocals; The Hidden Hand (EP, Gold Standard Laboratories, 2004)

      Year Future vocals; Year Future (EP, Gold Standard Laboratories, 2003)

      Cattle Decapitation backing vocals on the tracks "Ride 'Em Cowboy" and "Diarrhea of the Mouth" (Homovore, Three One G, 2000)

      Subpoena the Past vocals, bass; Conjure Itch (EP, Gold Standard Laboratories, 2000)

      Subpoena the Past vocals, bass; This Year's Eclipse (EP, Gold Standard Laboratories, 1998)

      The VSS vocals; Nervous Circuits (Honey Bear, 1997; Hydra Head 2008; Sargent House 2012)

      The VSS vocals; 21:51 (Gold Standard Laboratories, 1996)

      The VSS vocals; Gravity 25 (EP, Gravity, 1995)

      Angel Hair vocals; Pregnant with the Senior Class (discography, Gravity, 1997)

      Angel Hair vocals; Insect Mortality (Gravity, 1995)

      Angel Hair vocals; Angel Hair (EP, Gravity, 1994)

      Savalas vocals; "First"/"Second"/"Third" (EP, Titanic, 1992)

      Savalas vocals; "Sleeved"/"Five-Fingered" (single, Titanic, 1992)